You would look great in a Suit.

Our Vision

Less like taking a job.
More like joining a revolution.

At Suit, we’re taking back the trucking industry and restoring it to its former glory days, with big paydays, top-shelf benefits, late model equipment, and a genuine respect for every driver who joins our movement.


Our founders have been around the block a few times. And it wasn’t in a Prius.

The guys who started Suit are guys and gals like you. They have drawn upon their years––actually, decades––of experience as big-rig drivers to create a company that puts truckers and their families first. Suit. Created by drivers, for drivers.

While the industry is giving drivers plenty of reasons to get out of the business, Suit is giving them plenty of reasons to stay in it.

Company Culture

They say corporate greed has ruined the trucking business. We’re here to unruin it.

We prefer straight talk to double talk, personal relationships to politics. That means treating you with the dignity and respect you deserve and offering policies and procedures that are fair, honest, simple and uncomplicated.


Home, meet work.
Work, meet home.

Never miss another birthday, anniversary, or game again. At Suit, you get to determine when, where, and how much you want to work, so you can enjoy as much or as little home time as you please.

Suit is not your typical trucking company. They came along and turned around the industry, got it back on track to its former glory days.

We’re hiring. It’s the only detour you won’t mind taking.

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Perks to get perked up about.

  • Choose Your Own Home Time
  • Staff of Ex-Professional Drivers
  • Medical & Dental Benefits
  • Late Model Trucks
  • Brand New Trailer
  • Mostly Drop / Hook Freight
  • Home / Road Time Balance
  • Simple Policies & Procedures
  • Fast Easy Hiring
  • 4 Major Driving Divisions