A higher quality of life
for drivers and their families.

We have been trucking for decades. We know where the industry has been and where it is going. We’ve seen the way big corporations have tried to steer it. We are letting drivers take the wheel and we are going in another direction. We are giving freedom and a voice to the men and women who make this industry work and we are paying them the respect they deserve. It starts with a better overall lifestyle for drivers and their families, with more flexibility and more time at home. This also means more money, servicing the lanes you want to run along with better equipment and benefits. It means policies and procedures that are fair, honest, simple and uncomplicated. We are a family deeply rooted in trucking and our desire is for the men and women who may have found themselves on the short end of this industry in the past to start coming out on top. Trucking is not about trucks, trailers and bank notes, it’s about people and relationships.

Suit. A Better Direction.

Company Values

Turning around the industry we love.

While the industry is giving drivers plenty of reasons to get out of the business, we’re giving them plenty of reasons to stay in it.

  • It’s not about the trucks. It’s all about the people.
  • Treating everyone the way they deserve to be treated.
  • Better equipment. Better benefits. Better life.
  • A higher quality of life for drivers and their families.